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‘Helping people and winning for them often against the odds is personally very rewarding. ‘STANDING UP FOR STRANGFORD’ is more than a catch phase, its what I do!’

David McNarry, October 2012



News and Latest Press releases

McNarry welcomes £315K Road Improvement Scheme underway for Greyabbey
15th December 2014
The Strangford MLA said, “at last the Department have recognised that Greyabbey exists”. The improvements at Church Street / Ballywalter will include reconstruction and resurfacing...

McNarry challenges Translink fares increase only 24 hours after Stormont Committee meeting
11th December 2014
David McNarry MLA, UKIP's leader in Northern Ireland, has said that DRD Minister Kennedy needs to justify the Translink fare increase announced today, buried on a busy news day. "Once again..."

McNarry calls on the DUP and Sinn Fein to clear the air on secret deals with Salmond and Labour 
11th December 2014
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, is demanding to know if the DUP are engaged in any talks with Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party as part of an arrangement to form a Labour...

Contract was a con trick - here's why
10th December 2014
Do you remember this newsletter from David Cameron and the conservatives? It was published when they weren't looking like winning in 2010 and were begging for your vote...

The DUP & UUP need to come clean and answer these questions
10th December 2014
Who were they engaging with at the talks table on parades?
Who was at the table in the room when parades were being discussed attended by Mike Nesbitt as an observer?

Joint Statement - UKIP & TUV Leave Combined Unionist Group
9th December 2014
Click here for the link to Youtube video

David McNarry Interview On Combined Unionist Talks
9th December 2014
Click here for Youtube video of UTV interview

UKIP – Pull-out of combined Unionist Group on Twaddell
8th December 2014
Most of all I feel that the Ligoneil Orangemen, their supporters and local community have been badly let down by the combined Unionist Group set up in response to an Orange request...

McNarry says Executive still not fit to govern - Hold a referendum on tax reforms and corporation tax
4th December 2014
On the economic future of our country, there is no Assembly election until 2016. Instead of power play talks hitting an impasse, why not let the people decide by holding a referendum on Tax Reforms

Comments on Alex Kane News Letter Article of 1 Dec 14
1st December 2014
Contrary to what Alex Kane says in his article UKIP has a very clear strategy and set of policies to deal with the malaise at the heart of the current Stormont system.  UKIP does not shadow-box...

Pm's speech on immigration
28th November 2014
Let no one be fooled by David Cameron’s blatant electioneering speech on solutions he can’t deliver. This Prime Minister is not trusted on Europe – on immigration...

Sale of Belfast harbour - BREAKING NEWS
28th November 2014
Looking through the mist of Minister Kennedy’s knee jerk reaction and outrageous predictions over his potential budget cuts – therein lies this question. Are we, the public, being primed for...

Bus and rail fares
27th November 2014
Any notion of putting up bus and rail fares and reducing bus and rail services simply to bail out Translink is not on. Translink are pulling the wool over the eyes of Minister Kennedy and his...

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