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‘Helping people and winning for them often against the odds is personally very rewarding. ‘STANDING UP FOR STRANGFORD’ is more than a catch phase, its what I do!’

David McNarry, October 2012



News and Latest Press releases

Reject Westminster, Not the Union - Nigel Farage asks the Scottish people.
16th September 2014
Speaking before the Scottish referendum, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said in Brussels today: "I totally understand the Scottish people feeling that the political class in Westminster are remote...

UKIP NI leader McNarry responds to Bombardier Job Losses
12th September 2014
Responding to the sudden news of Bombardier job losses, UKIP Regional Leader David McNarry MLA has said: East Belfast simply cannot afford to lose jobs of this calibre and this news...

UKIP calls for fresh elections
11th September 2014
David McNarry has said the Northern Ireland electorate have had enough of the five Excutive parties at Stormont and "deserve better".  The UKIP NI party leader said it was time...

New EU rules could swamp us in recycling containers
23rd August 2014
Anger has erupted over new EU-driven rules that could see Northern Ireland homes lumbered with SIX different bins.  European regulations which come into force next January dictate that councils should...

Ill hit by delays as GPs writing scripts for drugs no longer around
22 August 2014
Patients are finding it more and more difficult to access medicine because doctors are issuing prescriptions for drugs which are no longer available.  In some cases people have had to return to their GP three or four...

Health needs funds now
22 August 2014
In the wake of Edwin Poots creating a local political tsunami when publicaly stating that the Health Service was in crisis, I called for an urgent 'all party summit' as a pathway to identify the extent...

Questions raised over drug mule transfer
8th August 2014
The transfer of a convicted drugs mule from Peru to a Northern Ireland prison has been questioned by Ukip MLA David McNarry.  Mr McNarry was commenting after confirmation that Michaella...

Marking the dark days of war - Newsletter piece 
Thursday 31st July 2014
Ukip is asking all members of the public to turn their lights out for one hour at 10pm on Monday August 4th. Marking the beginning of the First World War is marking the 100th...

Cameron's promise of reform completely JUNCKERED – UKIP MEP David Coburn in Brussels.
27th June 2013
Speaking from the environs of the European Council in Brussels, UKIP’s new Scottish MEP David Coburn (standing in for UKIP leader Nigel Farage) said “Cameron’s hopes of reform have been...

Newsletter piece - Gerry Adams arrest
UKIP MLA David McNarry said: "No one knows the dark side better than Martin McGuiness. It is reprehensible to slur the PSNI over the Adams arrest. His disgraceful comment...

Newsletter piece - Relations dealt a serious blow
5th May 2014
Relations between Sinn Fein and their unionist counterparts have been dealt a serious blow thanks to this episode, said one MLA. UKIP MLA David McNarry said...

David supports Depression Awareness week 2014
Follow the link here for more information.

McNarry – of course it is a Referendum, Peter
27th April 2014
UKIP disagree with Peter Robinson’s assertion that this Euro Election is not a referendum. Of course it has to be! People don’t need to wait until 2017, let’s have a referendum right now by using the...

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