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‘Helping people and winning for them often against the odds is personally very rewarding. ‘STANDING UP FOR STRANGFORD’ is more than a catch phase, its what I do!’

David McNarry, October 2012



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McNarry criticises Cairnshill terminal closure by DRD
31st March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said : “Plans to shut down the public terminal building at Cairnshill Park & Ride Carryduff are nonsense. What are people...

McNarry on Single Education Authority warning on mega school campus sites
31st March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, says :
“I have no doubt that the creation of the Single Education Authority will see the emergence of social engineering applied to...

McNarry challenges the BBC - and the Economic Gurus they trot out in favour of Europe - to a debate 
30th March 2015
UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA, has thrown down the gauntlet to those who distort the facts on Europe such as the C.B.I. and Gerard O’Hare, who are feted by the BBC...

Are the Education Boards gearing up for more school closures and mergers?
26th March 2015
I believe this to be the case that covertly the Boards are tactically strategising a cull across the School Estate in Northern Ireland.
Why? They are gathering figures to manipulate large...

Give Carers a Break – Recognise their contribution to society
26th March 2015
Life-Long Carers, Carers at Home are the backbone of the National Health Service. They save the country millions of pounds annually.
Yet, seldom are they recognised for their unstinting value...

McNarry asks : Is Football Association adopting UKIP policies?
24th March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has commented : “I think UKIP are entitled to ask the media where is the furore over F.A. Chairman Greg Dyke's remarks to limit the...

McNarry says ‘letters of comfort’ precious little comfort to victims denied justice by these letters
24th March 2015
Integrity of Criminal Justice seriously damaged and victims must be upset and offended about equality rules in NI
David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland...

McNarry says Minister Kennedy could end in Court over rail link
23rd March 2015
In an unprecedented situation unknown to David McNarry, UKIPs Northern Ireland Leader, Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy could be held accountable by the PPS for his actions...

UKIP launches 10 candidates in Northern Ireland 
19th March 2015
UKIP held its official candidate launch today in the grounds of Belfast City Hall, in bright sunshine at a well attended event with many party supporters and the broadcast media present. Also...
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UKIP invites you to the candidate launch for its 10 Westminster Parliamentary candidates on 
When : 17th March 2015 at 11am
Where : Belfast City Hall grounds
Among those in attendance and available for interview will be : 
Paul Nuttall MEP Deputy Leader UKIP UK
David McNarry MLA Leader UKIP Northern Ireland
David Coburn MEP UKIP Scotland
Nathan Gill MEP Leader UKIP Wales
Jane Collins MEP UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire
David Soutter UKIP’s Head of Candidates UK

McNarry says the DUP and Sinn Fein are bartering the future of the vulnerable in an unseemly and cynical political game
17th March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said : “Proud people with special needs who are on benefits have been in touch with me. They won’t talk to media but are content that...

McNarry challenges Wells on shortages of Doctors and Nurses
16th March 2015
In a supplementary question to the Health Minister David McNarry MLA challenged Mr Wells to ‘put a cap on doctors and nurses trained in Northern Ireland who according to the Minister then left...

McNarry says : Osborne versus the Executive is no match
14th March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said : “On Wednesday the Chancellor reveals the final budget of the Tory-LibDem coalition. It will be an electoral spoonful of sugar...

Taxis Servicing
12th March 2015
If we want a truly cosmopolitan city, then Belfast needs to have taxis servicing the public just like any other capital city in the world. As guests of Belfast Public Hire Taxis (11 March 2015), the...

Masterchef McNarry - Newsletter piece
12th March 2015
He's been accused of stirring the pot on many occasions, but David McNarry says his latest outburst against the European Union shouldn't be interpreted as sexist. The UKIP MLA...

David McNarry - Speech on the budget
12th March 2015
Click here for the link to the video on Youtube

David McNarry - Speech on wind energy
12th March 2015
Click here for the link to the video on Youtube

Time to dispense with mandatory coalition says McNarry
11th March 2015
UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA says : “It may take some refining and require some gutsy, hard argued negotiations but mandatory coalition isn’t working and needs to be...

If Sinn Fein want an early Assembly election, then bring it on says McNarry 
9th March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, has said :
“Sinn Fein are clearly on a wrecking exercise to bring about an early Assembly election. Well, bring it on! UKIP are ready to stand...

The Crossnacreevy Plant Testing Station is a jewel in the crown support operation to the Agri-Food Industry.
6th March 2015
I cannot believe why the Department would even be considering its shut down. Should it happen it would be one of the most foolish, short-sighted acts of stupidity ever by this Executive DARD...

McNarry says Kennedy is running out of road
4th March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said Roads Minister Danny Kennedy is “running out of road.” “The Minister runs an out-of-control department and, now, he too is out of...

McNarry says Stormont Committee has created its own wind farm farce 
3rd March 2015
David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, speaking in the wind farm debate in the Assembly, has revealed that not one local council has a policy on wind farms “despite widespread...

Statement by David McNarry MLA Leader of UKIP in Northern Ireland
2nd March 2015
After serious consideration as UKIPs nominating officer for the forthcoming Westminster Elections I have reviewed what is best for Northern Ireland, for pro-union values and overall UKIP...

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